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‘Tyrannosaurus’ comes from the Greek words meaning ‘tyrant lizard’, while the word ‘rex’ means ‘king’ in Latin. Tyrannosaurus rex is often abbreviated to T-Rex. Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the late Cretaceous Period, around 66 million years ago. It lived in an area of the Earth that now makes up western North America. A number of well preserved fossil evidence shows that it was about 40 feet (12 meters) long and about 15 to 20 feet (4.6 to 6 meters) tall. It had small arms, but that were extremely powerful and featured two clawed fingers. 

T-Rex has been one of the best-known dinosaurs since the early 20th century, and has been featured in Jurassic Park (film) , advertising, postal stamps, and many other media. It was one of three dinosaurs that inspired the appearance of Godzilla.

Designer Steve hopes to present the vivid image of T-Rex through this new and exquisite backpack design and craftsmanship, so that everyone can feel the true existence of this mighty ancient species.

T-Rex Backpack (L)

T-Rex Backpack (M)

T-Rex Backpack (S)