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About Morn Creations

In 2004, Steve Chan and Wendy Lee established "Morn Creations" in Hong Kong. With the philosophy of mother nature and animals as their focus, Steve created handbags and backpacks with the shapes and designs of animals. With the protection of nature and respect for life under the principle of endangered animals, Morn Creations’ main objective was to use products that does not require any use or harm of animal fur, but with the use of other fabrics and environmentally friendly materials. Our innovative designs are matched with uniquely shaped bags making us continue to be warmly welcome all over the world.

Highlighting the distinctive black and white eyes of China’s adorable giant panda, our exclusive “PandaRama” handbag was our first ever animal design and remains a much sought after accessory. Our “Shark” backpack series is another of our biggest hits and continues to sell strongly not only in Hong Kong, but across Europe and America as well. The series is now repeating its success in Japan’s Tokyo DisneySea. Distinguished by fine craftsmanship and imaginative depictions of the bird’s characteristics, the “Owl” bags are a recent addition to the menagerie collection whose major sellers already include the “Whale”, “Big Cats”, “Rabbit” and “Rhinoceros” bags.

Originality, uniqueness and meticulous attention has been constant in designing with detail and will remain the core drivers in sustaining future developments at Morn Creations for many years to come.

Designer Steve Chan and our production team

After graduating from design school in Hong Kong, Steve entered the world of advertising as an art director.


In 2001, Steve opened his first retro-product shop called “Morn”. Later in 2004, Steve began developing unique bag designs and therefore established his own animal themed brand of bags creating “Morn Creations”.

After learning from the Buddhist philosophy, Steve learnt more about respecting life in general and decided to create an awareness through his brand by expressing animals and endangered species as the theme without the use of any animal fur or skin for design and production. Steve wishes to spread the awareness of protecting life and respecting wildlife around the world.

Our production teams are in Guangzhou, China and have been in cooperation since 2004. We continuously hold the pursuit of quality along with performance thus keeping a high aim for an overall unique and practical bag design.    


沒有大家的鼓勵及支持,我們不能在這商業世界生存下來;由零四年開始,踏進這從未到訪過的手袋創作嶺域,有幸遇到眾多伴一起付出努力,無論是國內工廠辦房師傅、車縫員工、跟單同事、包裝部小雜工、物料供應商,運輸司機、產品攝影師及模特兒、海外代理等,他們都是 Morn Creations 的幕後功臣,沒有同行伙伴,意念難以成真。

十多年來,由廣告人改變為手袋設計師,由零開始甚麼都不懂,不斷從錯誤中學習,真心要感激支持我們的顧客包容,我們視顧客為朋友,間中也收到些贊賞信件,這就是我們的動力來源。動物型設計始終是手袋界的另類創作,不求揚名立萬,只願偶爾街角遇到一個說「Good design!」的陌生人,心血便沒枉費了!